Top 5 quirky small kitchen décor ideas

Having a small kitchen might be irking you for unable to do something etc. but trust me you can do several things more than your imagination. We don’t say bigger is always better. You can make your small kitchen efficient. In this blog, we are here to let you know how to smartly design your kitchen. Take a look and do let us know was it worth for you or not?

Add More counter space

 Usually, in small kitchens we can’t place so many things over the counter and for this, you need to add more counter space. All you need to do is to use wall racks, shelves and hideaway techniques to add more space over this.  Why don’t you go for ceramic cooktops which is sleek and modern and made up of high-quality technical ceramics? It will look good and add up more counter space over this.

Use spice racks

 We don’t want you to make your space mess and for this get started from your counter. Use decorative spice racks to make all the ingredients available and won’t make kitchen space cluttered all the time with scattered jars everywhere.

Create Shelves

 Shelves never go out of trend and every year you would see various updates in this. If you don’t want to make space cluttered then shelves are the best solution because it would cover up everything almost and spruce up the appearance of the kitchen as well. You can mount wall cabinets as well to for making your kitchen organized.

Bold color appliances

Have you ever come across appliances of bold colors? You might have seen black colored appliances beautifying up the counter space of lavish kitchens but why small kitchens can’t have these? Choose bold and lively colored appliances for making small kitchen visually appealing.

Artistic backsplash tiles

 I guess you don’t need to be worried about paintings and other decors when you will have artistic backsplash tiles for making your kitchen space terrific. It pops out the appearance and trusts me you are going to have the same luxurious kitchen feel similar to bigger and lavish kitchens.


Check out these quirky ideas that we have just gathered to give your small kitchen a bigger feel. Go to experts if you think that you won’t be able to handle this alone and need expert advice.

Top 5 reasons to opt ceramic tiles for home renovation

How many of you want to change the flooring of your home? When we plan to change the home flooring then multiple options came to our mind including wooden flooring or ceramic tiles. It has been seen that people are opting ceramic tiles widely because of so many reasons and we are going to explain some of the reasons here in this blog as well. Take a look at the reasons and plan either you need to invest in or not.


 Main characteristic of ceramic tiles is its durability because it adds aesthetics. It won’t get scratches, stains & water because of the protective glazing. Do you know it is resistant to humidity? You can also use these tiles in the bathroom as well.

Stunning Appearance

 We are so much conscious of its appearance and this is a reason why do we choose ceramic tiles for a home renovation? It is made of different styles, finishes and colour variety. Whatever kitchen or bathroom design you want to opt must be of good range, styles and high quality.


 Innovative patterns of ceramic tiles are available in a wide range. Colored & textured tiles are so inspiring. It is available in different shapes. Interior decorators always pay attention to different designs and colour combinations. You can get to know about several types of finishing available in the market with beautiful patterns. Versatile technical ceramics tiles are favourite of everyone these days to spruce up the beauty of their home.

Value addition element

 Ceramic tiles add value to the home as well as flooring. It makes your home appearance unique and special. It gives the best value for money and the main reason is its durability and sustainability. Different varieties of ceramic tiles are so appealing and trust me you would love to have glamorous and good-looking tiles.

Easy to maintain

 If tiles are properly installed then flooring can make our lives easier and comfortable. Different type of cleaning products can be used for cleaning. Dirt & debris or liquid stains can be easily wiped off with chemicals. It won’t harm the stability of the flooring at all. Make sure you people are using high quality. If tile breaks then you can easily replace it and no need to change the entire flooring. Multi Labs is one of the renowned companies who has been providing good quality ceramic tiles which is easy to maintain. Try them out today.


These are the reasons to opt for ceramic tiles for home renovation. It would be a good option for bathroom & kitchen. High-quality Technical ceramics are being used for the home improvement project and we shouldn’t waste our investment on other things.

How does Ceramics prove helpful in Multiple Industries?

The use of ceramics is not limited to a specific product or industry rather it is used for multiple purposes and the manufacturing of various products depends on it. Most of the stuff we use at home is also made of ceramics because its properties are quite different from other materials and that is why industries rely on this material. The best way to buy the quality stuff is to analyze the ratio of ceramics in that product. If you take a look at your surroundings, you’ll come to know that tiles, basin, crockery, and multiple other items are made of ceramics. So, let’s explore how ceramics prove helpful to industries:


It is used for making Bricks and Tiles!

The bricks and tiles are also based on ceramics as a base material and that is why they prove durable. The ceramic basically resists the weather effects and withstands high temperatures. The industries rely on ceramic for multiple types of manufacturing and direct users also prefer to use ceramic tiles and bricks for their homes. The technical ceramics passes through an extensive procedure that ensures sturdy and longevity.


It is used for making Cement!
The cement industry also relies on ceramics and you won’t believe that cement serves the purpose due to the high consumption of ceramics. The quality of cement varies as per the percentage of ceramics in it. The contractors believe that the top quality cement comes with a high proportion of ceramics so the direct users should also make sure to analyze the quality of cement before buying.


It is used for manufacturing Glass!

The industries that manufacture glass are also based on ceramics. There are multiple types of glass but the best one is what that is based on flawless technical ceramics. The glass requires ceramics as a base material and this is a reason that the demand for ceramics is quite high in the market. However, as the demand is going high, the prices of the ceramics are also increasing. The increase in the ceramic’s price leads to a hike in the final product’s price as well.


It is used for making Pottery!

The ceramic is basically hard and porous material so when it comes to the manufacturing of pottery, it proves helpful. In short, this is how; ceramics is used in multiple industries. The technical ceramics of Multi-Lab are known for quality so you can rely on it.



Top 5 ways to decorate walls of your home

Do you people know that there are numerous ways of wall decoration? Spruce up the home with exciting wall décor. We used to invest a huge amount in home décor so how can we skip walls of the home. Get the help of experts and use the internet to find out different décors for the home. It’s important to stay updated with new ideas and keep renovating your space every season.

Wall paintings

People who would like to spruce up the walls with exciting paintings they won’t ignore paintings at any cost. Art lovers used to grab different paintings from exhibitions and I guess this one is the best way to get your hands-on latest wall paintings for home. Jazz up the home appearance with wall paintings to make it eye-catchy.

Wall Tiles

Usually, people go for wall paints but installing ceramic wall tiles is the best thing these days to bring out its appearance. The urban look will be achieved only with this upcoming wall tiles trend. High quality Alumina ceramic machining process is used to get the refined wall tiles for the home. Manufacturers of wall tiles won’t compromise over quality so they used to undergo the material of the tile from the highest processing standards.


How many of you have already used wallpapers for walls? These wallpapers are in fashion again and people have been choosing this for their home. Variation of wallpapers design is available and achieve the luxury look from expert companies. It is easy to clean and the beauty of wallpaper will make space more eye-catchy than anything.

Wood cladding

Nowadays the concept of wood cladding is increasing and people are decorating bathroom walls, lounge walls and much more with wood designs. You can make your space masterpiece with some concentration to complements with home décor.

Add shelves

Bookshelves are ideal for keeping books and to attract visitors with your mini library. You can place different décor items over this and can be sued for multiple purposes. Add shelves of high-quality material to jazz up its appearance.

These are the few ways to attract people with eye-catchy walls. You can give a bold appearance to the walls as per your choice. Walls are an important space to enhance the look of the home. Get the help of experts to give your home a stunning and gorgeous appearance.

4 Safety Tips for Cleaning Ceramic Tile Floor!

It is a fact that households dream of a well maintained and clean house however the busy schedule doesn’t allow it. These days, it is not easy to afford expensive chemicals or professional cleaners for the cleaning chores as inflation is already at its peak. Besides, the ceramic tiles should be cleaned while making sure the overall safety features, as you cannot use random liquids to get the pristine finish. There is no doubt that ceramic looks amazing and the tiles add extra value to a place however the overall cleaning chores require extra care. Here, you’ll come to know necessary facts regarding the cleaning of ceramic tile floor:

Use Mild Cleaners!

The ceramic tile floor doesn’t require to be cleaned with abrasive cleaners because in that case, the overall finish can get damaged. So, it is important to choose mild cleaners that can remove grime without affecting the original shine of the tiles. Although technical ceramics have a different composition however the safety features apply to all. So, when you choose to clean the tiles, try to avoid abrasive cleaners.

Use Homemade Liquids!

Do you know that cleaning liquids can be prepared at home? The tiles do not react to homemade liquids because they work really well and prevent the damage. The liquids with strong chemicals can basically cause scratches on the tiles. So, it will be better if you make liquids with the help of lemon, baking soda, vinegar, and vodka. These liquids basically prove less expensive and smoothly clean the tiles. The grime doesn’t resist such types of liquids and you ultimately get a wonderful appeal of the floor.

Do not use Abrasive Brush!

There is no need to clean the floor with an abrasive brush because it also causes scratches. However, soft brush can be used for this purpose. More on, if you need to clean the floor with a cloth, it will be better to use a soft cloth because ceramic tiles never prove hard to clean.

Apply Germ Killer on the Floor!

The ceramic tiles do not let the bacteria prevail however still, if you want 100% cleanliness then the germ killer should be applied on the floor. More on, it is also important to avoid slippery liquids. In short, these tips can help you get a wonderful appeal of the floor without exceeding the budget.

Why is it Mandatory to get the Students involved in Scientific Research?

There is no doubt that the majority of the students spend their precious time in useless activities rather participating in productive stuff. Well, it also has been noticed that 60% of university students prefer to copy the assignments from Google or other resources. It isn’t about the student approach but the education system also needs some improvements in the major areas. Although, unlimited researches have been made the majority of scientists are above the age of 50. In this fast era, the students should be encouraged to get involved in the practical approach of scientific researches, as youngsters are the future. Well, here, the experts have shared some necessary facts that will surely prove good to read:


  • Detailed Analysis of Everything!

The detailed analysis can bring a lot to the table and that is why it is crucial to encourage the students to be a part of that analysis. The mind works faster when you think proactively and this is what students need to do. So, the education system should be designed for the mental exercise of students rather than burdening them with a bulk of lengthy assignments.


  • Lab Tests!

The lab tests are also important for students who really want to revolutionize the scientific field. The flawless quartz scientific glassblowing is a process that the majority of the students are scared of. Well, if the instructors make sure to keep the lab’s environment encouraging, the youngsters won’t mind putting their efforts into the research. All the useful medicines are being made in the result of lab tests and research.


  • Productive Environment!

There is much more than social media and the students need to understand this fact. The education system should ensure to build a productive environment by making the students involved in the lab tests and research process. The productive environment is important for the overall success of an economy. If students make sure to put their part in the productive stuff, they can surely bring a change.


  • Problem-Solving Attitude!

Our youngsters need to polish their problem-solving skills because these are important for a positive attitude. The suicide ratio can also be reduced across the globe if teachers inject the problem-solving attitude to their students. A positive attitude always helps in overcoming the issues and better results can be obtained. So, make sure that you ponder these facts while crafting the layout of the education system.


Maintain the Pristine Finish of Quartz with these Tips!

The quartz countertops, sinks, and shelves usually require a careful approach regarding the cleanliness. You should be aware of the fact that harsh chemicals can destroy the seamless finish of a quartz countertop. So, if you want a smooth and shiny surface of quartz items at home, you’ll have to make sure to use quality items for the cleanliness of such products. Besides, the germs should also not prevail on the surface of quartz countertops and for this purpose; you’ll need to use bacteria-killing liquids as well. Here, some facts have been revealed that actually help in maintaining a pristine finish of the quartz:

Use Non-Abrasive Cloth!

The smooth surface of the quartz countertop should be cleaned with a non-abrasive cloth as the rigid fabric or scotch can leave scratches on the surface. The dust should be removed with the help of a soft cloth and then, the rest of the cleaning chores should proceed.

Use Dishwashing Liquid!

The mild soapy water or dishwashing liquid can prove great for removing the grime from quartz countertops. The dishwashing liquid doesn’t prove harmful to the surface of quartz and ensures pristine finish as well. More on, it works for killing the bacteria as well. The experts recommend cleaning the kitchen countertops with the help of dishwashing liquid as it locks the original shine of the countertop and proves better than the usage of harsh chemicals. Besides, mild soapy water also works for washing the quartz sink, shelves, and countertops. It is important to select the cleaning material as per the quartz fabrication because the longevity and seamless surface depend on the fabrication.

 Use Degreasing Cleaner!

If you feel like the grime over the countertop’s surface is hard to clean, you can simply use the degreasing cleaner to remove the grime. The high-quality quartz fabrication resists the side effects of chemicals and proves long-lasting in all weather conditions. So, you should bring a degreasing cleaner to remove stubborn grime from all the corners of the quartz countertop.

Use Warm Water!

The use of warm water is not only cost-effective but it proves great for the cleaning of grime from countertop’s surface. Besides, the warm water kills the germs as well and controls the growth of bacteria at that place. So, you should prefer to get the warm water for cleaning quartz sinks and countertops at home.




Get to know about the latest trends of bathroom 2019

Yes, 2019 is around the corner and we are looking forward to the latest bathroom trends. Although you people have already seen this on numerous websites now we are going to let you know about some hot trends for bathroom area of yours for 2019. Various websites are an inspiration for us where we can choose different designs from their provided list and can design a bathroom in a stylish & aesthetic way.

Cabinets designs

 Well, cabinets are the most important part of the bathroom and we just can’t miss that. Freestanding vanities, wood vanities and open shelves are common for the particular type of storage. Different type of cabinets is available in the market and you can opt your favourite designs but work on these designs to get the attention.


 You may have come across different types of surfaces for the kitchen as well as bathroom and quartz has been the top favourite choice these days. Quartz fabrication is used for engineering high standard quartz for the bathroom areas. Ceramic surfaces and stone floors can be the best addition to your home. Follow the latest trends of surfaces and opt for high-quality material for the countertops. Multi labs has been offering good quality of quartz under the supervision of experts.

Sinks & Faucets

Porcelain sinks are in trend these days and this is a reason why everyone desire to have this. You need to see the latest designs by top-class manufacturers where you people can opt your favourite one to get the attention. Faucets, brushed nickel & polished chrome bring life to bathroom designs.


Acrylic is the most popular for bathtubs with the cast iron & fibreglass. For bathtub fixture, colours are very important to bring life and white is the overwhelming colour for getting attention for the configuration. You can use silver or grey as well for enhancing beauty appearance.

Wall paints

 If you haven’t planned wall paints of bathrooms yet then don’t waste time on other things and choose the best colour schemes for the bathroom. Make sure you have opted right lighting to highlight the appearance. Don’t forget to choose the radiant floor heating with towel warmers & steam showers.

Get the help of experts to follow the latest trends designed by them for the bathroom. If you haven’t opted anything yet for the bathroom then visit the designers of your area to know what they have been offering at a reasonable price.

3 Ideas to Style a Small Kitchen!

Are you worried regarding the styling of a small kitchen? Well, there is no need to worry because it is not as tricky as the majority of the households assume it. There is no doubt that the kitchen is the heart of every home and it requires special décor. However one should carefully select the stuff for small kitchen because giving it a spacious touch is one of the mandatory things. The common mistake that the majority of the households do is the inaccurate utilization of space, which ultimately ruins the whole design. So, here, in this blog, you’ll learn small quality tips to efficiently design a small kitchen. Let’s explore those tips:

Utilize the Walls!

It isn’t just the floor that should be utilized but you can get a wonderful use of walls too. These days, giving an artistic touch to the walls in one of the top trends and it goes great to small places. Well, how can you utilize the walls? It is pretty simple as all you need is to install some stylish hooks on the walls that can be used for hanging the pots, mugs, pans, and spoons. Although, walls are utilized for making cabinets however still one or two walls of a kitchen are left unused which is not the right approach. More on, pots give an artistic touch to the kitchen while being hanged on the walls.

A small Window is Mandatory!

A window in the kitchen can help in the ventilation. So, it is vital to install a small window in the kitchen regardless of the overall size of the place. The window not only provides ventilation but it looks amazing too. It is up to you which type of window you prefer to install however folding window can save the space. In short, a kitchen is incomplete without a window.

Create a Centre of Attraction!

There should be a centre of attraction in the kitchen whether it is small or large. You can keep the countertop in the centre because in this case, you’ll get plenty of walking space in the kitchen. The designers recommend quartz countertop due to its high-quality quartz fabrication. So, you should prefer to install quartz countertop for the best and long-term use. In short, these 3 ideas can prove absolutely great for small kitchens so make sure that you follow the exact details mentioned in this blog.

Why do Experts recommend Quartz Countertops?

There is no doubt that the kitchen seems to be the heart of the house and that is why it is important to choose the best stuff for the kitchen. Well, when it comes to countertops, the experts usually recommend quartz as the most durable material. However, the majority of the homeowners prefer a stylish appeal to durability so what if you get both qualities in one material? Yes, it is about quartz. There are multiple reasons that experts recommend quartz countertops for modern kitchens and here, we have described important ones only:


  • Heat Resistant!

The main reason to choose quartz is its heat resistance quality that differentiates it from the rest. While doing cooking chores in the kitchen, you’ll often need to put hot pans on the countertops, which can affect the seamless surface. However, quartz resists heat and gives long-term use. You can easily place the hot pans on the countertop without being worried about the seamless appeal of the surface.


  • Bacteria Resistant!

If you ponder the quartz fabrication, you’ll come to know that it has an inbuilt quality that resists bacteria. It means that germs won’t prevail in your cooking area and you’ll get a healthy environment. Households usually get frustrated when they see bugs and small insects in the kitchen. Besides, the bacterium also prevails on a surface that doesn’t resist germs, so it is a wise approach to use quartz countertops in order to get protection against bacteria. The microorganisms that cause odor and stain also do not grow on quartz.


  • Scratch Resistant!

Quartz countertop is one of the best materials to choose from. Scratches do not appear on quartz due to the scratch-resistant quality. So, if you are concerned about the seamless appeal and smooth surface of the countertop, the best option is to install quartz.


  • Color Options!

The quartz countertops are available in the market in multiple colors that make it easy for households to choose the one that can suit the overall décor. You can match the countertop’s color to the cabinets and other stuff. Besides, there are options for customization too. Most of the time, households prefer to create a red and black theme in the kitchen however experts recommend to go for a lighter theme. Soft colors give a spacious touch and enhance the overall appeal. So, these are the reasons that make quartz one of the top-rated materials.