Top 5 quirky small kitchen décor ideas

Having a small kitchen might be irking you for unable to do something etc. but trust me you can do several things more than your imagination. We don’t say bigger is always better. You can make your small kitchen efficient. In this blog, we are here to let you know how to smartly design your kitchen. Take a look and do let us know was it worth for you or not?

Add More counter space

 Usually, in small kitchens we can’t place so many things over the counter and for this, you need to add more counter space. All you need to do is to use wall racks, shelves and hideaway techniques to add more space over this.  Why don’t you go for ceramic cooktops which is sleek and modern and made up of high-quality technical ceramics? It will look good and add up more counter space over this.

Use spice racks

 We don’t want you to make your space mess and for this get started from your counter. Use decorative spice racks to make all the ingredients available and won’t make kitchen space cluttered all the time with scattered jars everywhere.

Create Shelves

 Shelves never go out of trend and every year you would see various updates in this. If you don’t want to make space cluttered then shelves are the best solution because it would cover up everything almost and spruce up the appearance of the kitchen as well. You can mount wall cabinets as well to for making your kitchen organized.

Bold color appliances

Have you ever come across appliances of bold colors? You might have seen black colored appliances beautifying up the counter space of lavish kitchens but why small kitchens can’t have these? Choose bold and lively colored appliances for making small kitchen visually appealing.

Artistic backsplash tiles

 I guess you don’t need to be worried about paintings and other decors when you will have artistic backsplash tiles for making your kitchen space terrific. It pops out the appearance and trusts me you are going to have the same luxurious kitchen feel similar to bigger and lavish kitchens.


Check out these quirky ideas that we have just gathered to give your small kitchen a bigger feel. Go to experts if you think that you won’t be able to handle this alone and need expert advice.