Why Granite is no longer part of kitchen designs anymore?

Are you one of those who have been using granite for kitchen surfaces for a long time? Now granite is no longer a part of kitchen designs. It is replaced by Quartz somehow. No doubt, granite was a part of our kitchen surfaces for years because of low maintenance and aesthetic designs but with a passage of time latest surface materials have got the foothold and this is a reason Quartz is in the trend nowadays. In this blog, we are going to let you know why quartz is being valued over granite? Take a look

Modern designs

 People are now very much aware of the latest designs and if I would say they are fed-up from same traditional kitchen designs then nothing would be wrong in it. Granite is not an ideal option for the modern kitchen and the look that can be provided by quartz is contemporary. You people will find a huge variety of modern kitchen surfaces in quartz rather than granite.


 Granite is not eco-friendly because it’s a natural stone and require sealing with chemicals which is not harmful though but quartz is made up of 85-90% quartz material. Manufacturers need to show that their manufactured products are 100% eco-friendly.

Huge design variety

 As I mentioned earlier quartz has to offer huge design and variety as compared to granite. Quartz offers great appearance to your kitchen and it doesn’t stress out the look of the kitchen as compared to granite. Quartz fabrication has been done with great care and engineered by keeping the latest designs and color tones for the modern home.

Easier to maintain

 It’s pretty much easy to work with quartz because it is more flexible and granite can be used in numerous ways. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t require maintenance. Quartz doesn’t get cracks easily than granite. You people may have seen granite often got cracks and hard to maintain. Its finish also gets fade away soon.


Nowadays numerous companies are offering the latest designs of quartz for your kitchen or even bathroom surface. If you haven’t discovered any company yet then search over the internet and go for the best designs that give your kitchen a stylish and modern look. It’s important for everyone to work on a variety of colors, styles & texture to beautify and provide durability to surface.